A Little Something About Built-in Furniture

The term built-in furniture is generally intended to mean fixed furniture that usually provides the same or similar functions as their movable namesakes. Sometimes, the entire definition of ‘built-in’ may simply mean that a stand- alone piece of furniture has been affixed in some way to the surrounding structures, as when a desk is bolted to a wall, or a kitchen island is affixed to the floor or surrounding cabinetry – both of which, the desk and the island, would function just as well as a stand-alone item.

The idea and function of built-in furniture is not new, dating back to at least the Middle Ages, when wall benches and armoire-type furnishings were bolted or otherwise adhered to the walls of the home into which they were added.

In today’s homes and commercial spaces, there are many examples and options of built-in furnishings, including various forms of shelving, cabinets, entertainments centers, bookcases, benches and, as noted above, even kitchen islands.

And while some items would not function as stand-alone furniture, such as window seats and closets, they are still included in the built-in furnishings category.